just-liveandletlive asked: Do you work for an agency? What is your school/ career background? I really like your style, I just graduated and like to know other professional designers stories.
pinedesign replied:

Aw thank you so much! I LOVE your blog I am always pinning your stuff. I dont have much of a story.. ha. But I work at Barkley in Kansas City as an interactive designer for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Im redesigning the site as my own project so that’s exciting! Expect to see that live around October :) Interactive is my true love. Hopefully I’ll get around finishing my redesigned website jessicapinedesign.com, which has been such an easy access point for employers, that’s how I got my job! Didn’t even apply, someone just found my site :) so I highly highly recommend getting a portfolio site up that is responsive to mobile. Don’t stress about code, there are templates out there, and teach yourself with trial and error. it’s not easy, but that’s how I started - but I got a early start at 15 years old reskinning xanga blogs ha! Good luck out there :)

Krispy Kreme “Krispy Skremes” Halloween Campaign.
• Creative Director - Nathaniel Cooper • Designer - Nathaniel Cooper, Preston Brigham, Jessica Pine   • Writer - Spencer Bergstrand
new vase from westelm! (Taken with Instagram)
Krispy Kreme Hat Contest Website 
Designer: Jessica Pine
Artwork: Preston Brigham
Director: Nathaniel Cooper
Development: Matthew Whitney, Chris Rigdon, Brett Bierman, Corey Light
Agency: Barkley, KC
Summer collage
another old one, 2004.
did this in 2005
An oldie. 
Halloween characters by me
with the help of Preston Brigham
For 99designs.com
For 99designs.com - International Marketplace where buyers can access and purchase closeouts, surplus and distressed inventory online from all over the world. Items are sold by the container load, truckload, pallet, or small packages. Conditions range from new in a box to customer returns and used. Product categories include Apparel, Automobiles, Computers, Consumer Electronics, General Merchandise, House ware, Industrial Equipment, Jewelry & Watches, and Raw Materials.
For 99designs.com
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